Frequently Asked Questions

I see that you operate on the Denver Glacier in Skagway and the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau; what's the difference?

We operate under the direction of a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service administered by the Juneau Ranger District of the Tongass National Forest.  Both the Denver and the Mendenhall Glaciers lay within the Tongass National Forest, originating within the 1,500 square mile Juneau Icefield, blanketing the Coast Mountains for 100 miles along the U.S. Canada boarder from Juneau to Skagway.  We strive to provide uniformity across our operations with an emphasis on safety and guest comfort.  Both locations offer similar flight, glacier and mushing time.  We recommend booking your glacier dog sledding tour in the location that best accommodates the additional activities that you wish to pursue.

How much time should I allocate for Glacier Dog Sledding in Juneau and Skagway, what should I bring and how do I get there?

Both of our glacier camps are accessible by helicopter only, with each location featuring 20-25 minutes of combined scenic flight time dictated by flight conditions.  In Juneau, taking into consideration a provided round trip transportation to and from downtown to the airport, you will wish to allocate 2 hours and 45 minutes to ensure that you do not overlap into any additional activities you have planned.  In Skagway, with the heliport just a short distance from downtown, you will wish to allocate 2 hours and 30 minutes to accommodate your other pursuits.  Directions and instructions will be included in your confirmation and tour voucher.
We strongly encourage that you dress in layers as conditions vary between sea level and dog camp; it may be snowing, raining, sunny or a combination of all three during the duration of your excursion.  Sturdy footwear and a rain jacket are suggested throughout your visit in Alaska with sunglasses recommended in dog camp due to the reflective properties of the snow.  If you are susceptible to the cold, we recommend additional items to achieve your desired comfort.  
Due to helicopter operations, bags and additional items are not allowed on board the aircraft.  All of the personal items that you wish to bring to camp, such as your camera and rain jacket, must be carried on your person.  Secure storage is provided at the heliport.  

I see that bags and additional items are not allowed onboard the aircraft; what should I not bring?

You should not bring anything that you will not need while away from the heliport, where secure storage is provided.  No handheld tablets are allowed in the aircraft and the use of 'extender sticks' are not permissible. 

How many dogs pull the sled, how many people will be riding; may I drive the sled?

A team of 10 – 12 sled dogs pull a combination sled configuration made up of two sleds.  The first, directly behind the dogs, carries two seated guests and your dedicated Musher, standing on the back, providing the dogs instruction and operating the braking system.  The second, or tag sled, carries two guests, one seated and one standing on the sled runners.  With safety paramount, your Musher will instruct you on how to stand on the runners if you choose, stopping along the trail for photos and to change passenger configuration.  While seated, enjoy in the agility and determination of the world class athletes powering your journey across the glacier.

How does the tour timeline breakdown?

In both Juneau and Skagway, there is 20-25 minutes of combined (round trip) scenic helicopter flight time.  Once in camp, you will be greeted by a dedicated team for an hour on the glacier interacting with the dogs and exploring camp life with 20-25 minutes of dedicated sled time out on the trail.

Will there be puppies?

While we hope there will be, we do not guarantee puppies as they are the product of a natural process and one that we do not promote unless Musher's have them planned in their individual kennel plans.

How do I book?

You may book your glacier dog mushing in Juneau and Skagway directly through us as the operator or through one of the downtown tour sale associates.  If you are cruising, your ship's excursion office may have additional departure times.

What time of year do you operate and when should I make my reservation?

Our operations run the middle of May through late August in Skagway and early September in Juneau, allowing for the powerful Iditarod and Yukon Quest sled dogs to join us for the summer on the glacier.  You will wish to make your reservations early to maximize your time while visiting and to avoid scheduling conflicts with additional activities you wish to pursue.

Are your operations ADA accessible?

We pride our operations on the personal effort and assistance put forth by our staff in ensuring the guest experience.  Due to helicopter operations, walkers, canes and wheelchairs are not allowed around, on board or to be stowed in the aircraft.  You must be physically capable of loading and unloading from the aircraft, under your own power, with our dedicated crew standing by to offer instruction and assistance.